2 Responses to “Metadata mania”

  1. Clay Redding Says:

    Is the additional functionality worth the additional work?


    Just stumbled across your blog. I too am working on XForms, but now for MODS, etc. Dublin Core??!!!?? We failed you at Princeton. :) (just kidding)

  2. wsalesky Says:

    Hey Clay, nice to hear from you!

    Well, I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that the additional work is worth it, necessary in fact. I figure if I’m twisting DC into ways it wasn’t really meant to go so it can have a MODS like structure, than I really just need to use MODS. I just need to get the right people on board. The biggest problem is the fact that so much of what we are doing has no MARC record, so getting any descriptive metadata is a little challenging. Oh, and the XForms for MODS (as I’m sure you know) will be a wee bit more complicated than for Dublin Core. But I’m pretty excited abut the XForms.


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