Well, it turns out that I can no longer get by without understanding how to write my own xquery functions. I finished my simple search xquery which searches items across collections within the database. I ended up following these tips pretty closely, except I do not store the results in an HTTP session. I plan on updating the search so that it does do so, but I had a little trouble writing this part of the query. I also added a function so that I could page though the results.

For the curious, my version of the simple search looks something like this:

(:caculates the end value for each page of results:)
declare function bh:getEnd($max as xs:integer, $start as xs:integer) as xs:integer{
  let $newEnd := $start + $max
  return $newEnd
let $max := 50
(:external parameters:)
let $query := request:request-parameter("query", "")
let $start := request:request-parameter("start", "")
(:the search:)
let $results :=
for $hits in collection('/collection')/mets:mets/mets:dmdSec[@ID='dmdDC']
      //descendant::dc:dc[. &= $query]
    let $title := $hits/dc:title[1]
    let $id := $hits/dc:identifier
    let $author := $hits/dc:creator[1]
    let $description := $hits/dc:description
    let $type := $hits/ancestor::mets:mets/@TYPE
    let $result :=
         <dc:dc type="{string($type)}">
          {$id, $title, $author, $description}
    return $result,
     $totalResults := count($results),
     $end := if($totalResults >= $max) then bh:getEnd($max, $start)
             else $totalResults + 1
(:variables used for paging through the results:)
let $prevPg :=
  if ((($start cast as xs:integer) - $max) lt 1) then ''
  else ($start cast as xs:integer) - $max
let $nextPg :=
  if ($end gt $totalResults) then ''
  else $end
(:putting it all together:)
let $searchResults:=
  <results query="{if (empty($query)) then '' else $query}"
  prevPg="{ if (empty($prevPg)) then '' else $prevPg}"
  nextPg="{ if (empty($nextPg)) then '' else $nextPg}"
  total="{$totalResults}" count="{$max}">
     for $i in $start to $end
     let $current := $results[$i]
      <result number="{$i}">{$current}</result>

return  $searchResults

I’m moving on to the advanced search tomorrow. I also have several interface design issues outstanding that need to be addressed, some content to create and some sort of news feed to implement, and November is only two weeks away.


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