FireFox 2.0 != XForms

I downloaded Firefox 2.0 yesterday, and it has some great features, my current favorite is the spell check. However, a word of warning to implementers of XForms who rely on the Firefox XForms extension. The XForms extension does need Firefox and will not work with 2.0 yet. This may not be news to anyone else, as it is stated on the extension website, but I guess I didn’t really pay that much attention until I saw what happened to my Xforms after installing 2.0.

I’m holding our metadata processing environment as is for now (using Firefox, but may also be investigating yet more options for XForms, including this one: AJAXForms (mentioned by a commenter on the last post).

Update: Firefox 2.0 compatible extension for XForms has been released. See this post for more info.


2 Responses to “FireFox 2.0 != XForms”

  1. Eby Says:

    Not sure if it helps or not but on Gentoo at least the Firefox 2.0 RC builds have a Xforms use flag which installs 0.6 of the extension. I tested it on the sample forms and it appears to work fine. Not sure if it’s OS specific though or if they modified it themselves.

  2. wsalesky Says:

    Thanks for the tip. It looks like XForms 0.7 (with Firefox 2.0 compatibility) will be out in about a week, and since I’m pretty much snowed under getting the public interface of this project up and running, the XForms will have to wait about that long anyway.

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