Deadline looming

We have a demo of the web site on Wednesday the 8th and I’m feeling the need for a list or two to keep me organized.

Here’s what I have:

  1. No more links going nowhere, although my news feed is not actually acting like a news feed yet, and my about pages are simply place holders at this point.
  2. Simple and advanced searches
  3. Browse collections by title
  4. Collection pages
    1. Collection overview, with a list of all items in the collection.
    2. Search within a collection
    3. Browse collections by
      1. Format
      2. People
      3. Topics
      4. Place
  5. Item level pages
    1. Tabbed view to switch between page images and descriptive metadata
    2. Paging for multi page items
    3. Links to related items by:
      1. Format
      2. Topics
      3. People etc.
    4. Links back to parent collection(s)
  6. Data processing
    1. Password protected data entry interface
    2. Queue of items in progress
    3. XForms for editing descriptive metadata

Here’s what’s left (for the demo):

  1. Add options for limiting the search results by text, images, or collections.
  2. Implement a more elaborate browse for the browse collections option, but this relies partially on metadata that we just don’t have yet.
  3. Format the search results pages so that they are more cohesive and easy to understand.
  4. Format the browse within a collection so that it is more organized looking.
  5. I need collection level metadata records for at least the two completed collections that we have on the site.

It isn’t a big list and I think I will be able to get it all done, except for #2. The big time sink at this point is messing with the CSS and creating icons to pretty up the pages, which I may have to skip in favor of getting all my code working. As a designer I cringe at having poorly designed pages up, but I only have so much time between now and Wednesday (10 am).


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