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We had a great turn out for this morning’s presentation. It was a two person presentation with a demonstration of the website and metadata editing interface at the end. My colleague presented the history and content side of the project and I discussed the following:

  1. Data Asset Management Systems – I had created an evaluation matrix comparing the five different options for us. This post is essentially a summary of the evaluation matrix.
  2. I touched on issues of metadata, a shortened version of this post.
  3. We had a joint discussion about workflow.
  4. I presented a very brief demo of our metadata XForms.
  5. I presented an overview of the interface design process and gave a tour of the web site (web sites if you count the Finding Aid web site that we are developing in eXist as well).

And I gave out links. Which means there are people other than me looking at the web site now. If you would like to be one of them let me know and I’ll hook you up with a link and password.


4 Responses to “Post show”

  1. Kevin S. Clarke Says:

    I’d be interested in getting the link and password.

  2. Clay Redding Says:

    Me too. :)

  3. Clay Redding Says:

    Actually, I’ve been meaning to ask: are you doing XForms for DC or MODS or both? I can’t really tell where you landed on the whole DMD standards after speaking with Kevin over the last week.

  4. wsalesky Says:

    Hi Clay,
    We are currently using DC, but I’m hoping to start transitioning to MODS. I just need some free time :) This means my XForms are currently only for DC, so I may be contacting you in the future about your MODS forms.

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