In the works

I haven’t done a progress report in a while, so here goes:

User testing
I finished up step one of usability testing this morning (actually I have one more user, but she had to postpone because she is sick). For step one my goal was to get an evaluation of the site and the site functionality. The sessions were arranged as one-on-one interviews, structured around a research question. The research question served as a way to frame the discussion and to make sure all the functions of the site were explored. There are some obvious trends emerging and I expect the later half of this week and early next week to be taken up by making changes to the interface in response to the tests.

Developing additional XForms

I’m currently working on a METS XForm, and will probably start working on a MODS form as well. I need to have at least a rudimentary MODS XForm in place before I can make the switch from Dublin Core to MODS.

I have successfully used xf:bind to calculate all the values in the mets:file from two data entry fields. This was a bit difficult for me because the mets:file element is a in an xf:repeat, and I had trouble getting the index in the bind statements to work correctly. I’m now working with some success on getting the mets:file data to generate a mets:strucMap (without doing post-processing).

On the horizon

  1. I need to start exploring using Lucene with eXist. There are several people on the eXist mailing list who have implemented this and there is also the code4lib pre-conference workshop, that I imagine will be helpful, though I hope to have this working before then.
  2. I also need look into OAI-harvesting for our data.
  3. I have some cleanup to do on the EAD finding aid part of the website, mostly just fixing bugs found in the XSL stylesheets.
  4. Add XSL-FO stylesheet for the finding aids.

Loose ends

  1. The about section of the website is still completely bare. The mission statement is in progress (not by me) but the rest of the content needs to be added. In addition to generic about pages, we will be including guidelines for project proposals and perhaps an online project proposal form that will be submitted to a committee for review. I would also like to include documentation about our metadata standards, some discussion of eXist and also scanning guidelines and resources.
  2. Enable sessions in searching.
  3. Also enable sessions for saving search results/or items to a “favorites list”
  4. Optimize eXist indexes

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