Because they are all I talk about

I’ve written a lot about XForms including posting lots of code, but haven’t really been able to share the other side of the forms, the user interface side, because as soon as I finished the forms they were in production (and I have yet to build a sandbox). But I’m rather pleased with the user interface side of the forms also, so here’s what they look like in action:



2 Responses to “Because they are all I talk about”

  1. Kevin S. Clarke Says:

    Nice looking. I’m curious how “View all subjects” displays.

  2. wsalesky Says:

    “View subjects used in this collection” pops up a list of all the LCSH used in all of the items in the collection sorted by usage stats. “View all subjects” pops up a list of all LSCH we have used across collections.

    This is a feature that was requested by one of the catalogers I work with. She wants to create and maintain a controlled vocabulary on our server, that she can edit and use to populate records, thus avoiding bottlenecks with OCLC. This is a feature that ContentDM offered, and she had been using that product before and liked it. She also wants to download the LCSH records from OCLC as MARCXML and use those as the master records. I’m kind of ambivalent about the usefulness of this and also about the most effective method for implementing it. It could be useful if I create subject headings that get automatically updated when she edits the master record, there maybe some other utility as well, but it is kind of low on my list of things to get working :)

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