More on MODS and XForms

Two recent posts by Peter Sefton caught my eye.

This one where he has a demo of an incomplete MODS XForm (allows you to add and edit subjects). And this one, posted after a session at Open Repositories 2007:

Yesterday I was most impressed with a presentation on XForms and the Fedora repository by Matt Zumwalt, Simplifying Fedora Frontends with XForms and Fedora. Matt talked about how he added an interface to allow editing of XML metadata streams in a Fedora repository using XForms. What this means is that a bit of standards-based configuration code can be used to build a portable interface for editing structured XML.


Matt’s work should work with MODS metadata, which seems to be a strong prospect for RUBRIC and ARROW repositories in 2007. I hope to have more to report on this soon.

Something I like about XForms is their potential to interface with many different systems; Peter is looking at them as an option to be used with Fedora, they could also be used with DSpace, XTF, and other repositories/digital asset management systems. As for a MODS XForm, I’ve spoken to several other people/institutions who are also interested in or even in the process of creating XForms for MODS, it would be great if we could coordinate our efforts (and get the word out) because it sounds like there is a real interest in getting a MODS editor off the ground.


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  1. Matt Zumwalt Says:

    The thrust of the work I presented at OR07 has to do with making XForms work really well with Fedora by leveraging Fedora’s disseminators to generate XForms models and views on the fly from object metadata. When it comes to exposing standard metadata like MODS, I would be happy to avoid reinventing the wheel. We should definitely try to combine efforts if you’re keen on the idea.

    I’ve been tidying up some code examples using DC as the XML in the model. Do you know of any existing examples that use DC? It’s always helpful to see how someone else has tackled a problem.

  2. wsalesky Says:

    Hey Matt,
    My original forms use DC metadata pulled from a METS record, I’d be happy to let you take a look at the forms, or send you a copy of them.

    As I mentioned in my post I’ve talked to several people who are all interested in a MODS XForm, and have all seemed interested in some sort of collaboration. I think several of us will be getting together at the upcoming code4lib conference to talk about XForms in general, and this may also be a chance organize some sort of collaborative effort on a MODS editor. I don’t know if you will be at code4lib, but I would be happy to keep you in the loop.

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