Georgia bound

I’m leaving for Georgia today for the code4lib conference. Although I don’t have everything I had hoped to have done I can admit that some of my goals were a little unrealistic (learning Java in one short month for example). The big thing I did not get done was a sample MODS xforms editor for the xforms BOF. Mostly because I feel stymied by xforms 1.0 and don’t want to develop the form without the benefit of the 1.1 additions to the specs. I do have some forms-in-progress though, and lots of ideas about how the form should/could work.

I did get through the solr tutorial(s) and have solr running in both Jetty (for the pre-conference session) and in tomcat (because I’ll have to do it this way for my data eventually). I also wrote a simple xquery to output my data from eXist to a solr xml format. Now I just need a way to post my xquery data to solr.

I can’t promise that I’ll live blog the conference, but I will be posting highlights, it should be a great conference.


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