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Update: The XForms wiki at code4lib is back up. (Thanks Kevin!)

The code4lib server that is hosting the XForms wiki (mentioned in my last post) is down and may be down for a while. Here is the list of resources I had posted on the wiki, this is not meant to be an exhaustive list, more of a “getting started with XForms” list. I’ll post an announcement here when the wiki is back up. Hopefully we (specifically the people from the code4lib breakout session, but anyone is welcome) can at least keep up a conversation about XForms for metadata editors until then. Feel free to post additional resource in the comments.

About XForms



Other Resources



6 Responses to “XForms resources”

  1. teaguese Says:

    Thanks so much for pulling these together. Nice to meet you at Code4Lib. Hope to keep in touch.
    Best, Susan Teague Rector, Virginia Commonwealth University

  2. wsalesky Says:

    Hi Susan, it was great to meet you as well.

    Looks like the wiki will be back up sometime this week, so check back there for additional resources. I’m really hoping that we can get some momentum going on collaborative XForms projects.


  3. Parmit Says:

    Hi Winona,

    Short update – I’m making some progress here with our MODS editor using xforms. We’ve recently set-up the Orbeon server and exploring its features. I’ll put up a sample on the wiki soon and will keep you posted!


  4. wsalesky Says:

    Hey Parmit,
    That’s great news, can’t wait to see what you’ve got. How do you like Orbeon?

  5. Parmit Says:

    Orbeon seems to be a great tool – the set up was fairly smooth (although some tinkering was needed). I followed through their tutorial and looked at their example applications to get a better understanding of the architecture. The more I use it, the more I’m learning – the mailing list is also a great resource! The main benefit I’m finding is that it saves me the time in dealing with a lot of styling issues by offering a default scheme (and it can be easily customized).

    I do anticipate that some issues may come up as I get more into it – one issue currently is that some attributes such as “context” which are used in Orbeon applications are not valid with the current Xforms version. But this will probably be solved with the new version of xforms (?).

    Anyway..will keep you posted on the progress!


  6. wsalesky Says:

    Hi Parmit,
    You may convince me to use Orbeon, or at least give it another try.

    You are correct about some attributes not being valid in Xforms 1.0. I’ve bemoaned the fact a few times in the blog, because I think these are the attributes that will make the MODS form manageable. Happily they will be valid in 1.1 but I’m not sure how quickly they get wrapped into the firefox extension.

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