Getting back on track

The combination of the launch crazieness (i know, it was over a month ago), a week of vacation, and the R2 recommendations has left me a little disorganized. I still have lots to do, but now that the launch is over I’m having some trouble prioritizing them.

Here’s what my list looks like so far (in no particular order):

  • Get back to the metadata processing side of the CDI
    • Create a METS editor so we can finally get rid of that Access DB
    • Continue work on the MODS XForm in order to liberate our descriptive metadata from Dublin Core. (Check out the xforms@code4lib wiki to see some forms in process from UVM (Firefox extension) and Princeton (Orbeon))
    • Create a one/two button method for sending completed records to Solr, from the descriptive metadata form. Currently I send either a collection at a time, or the entire database at once. This was fine for getting started, and I could have the script run every night to collect newly added items but I would rather have the records get added to the index when their status is changed to “complete.” I would really like to be able to submit two instances simultaneously in my XForm, so that when an item is saved, and marked as complete it saves the record to eXist and also sends it to Solr. Unfortunately I haven’t found any examples of this, and am not sure it can actually be done (with XForms), so we may end up with a two button approach.
    • Create some interface for indexing and managing EADs
    • Test the XQuery OAI data provider, and register the CDI collections with OAI harvesters
    • Solve the pesky URL issue. I’d like to set the exist webapp as my root directory, thus eliminating it from the URL altogether. I have no problem doing this with Tomcat, but once you add Apache into the mix bad things happen.  In general my URL’s are not very user friendly, and I’m wondering about fixing that… not sure what I would need to do, but I should at least look into it, obviously this needs to be done sooner rather than later (and should have been resolved before the launch).
  • Finish the new Finding Aids site (which had a stealth release a few weeks ago)
    • Finish configuring Solr for the EADs
    • Add a FOP processor to the server so we can use the XSL-FO stylesheets that I spent so much time on at PU.
    • Fix the problem of really large EAD files causing out of memory errors (maybe by breaking up the files, or by increasing the memory allocation in the eXist config file)
    • Work with the Curator of Manuscripts to create additional browsing/searching options for the new finding aids site.
  • Work on new additions to the front end
    • Allow users to remove filters from their “narrowed” Solr searches (kind of like this)
    • Add faceted browsing to all the browse pages, including the browse collections page
    • Add a news feed
    • Investigate image zooming options: JPEG2000, Zoomify, etc.
    • Add user generated tags
    • Add commenting
  • Find a web stats program that I like, and figure out how I want it configured (happily I don’t actually have to do the configuring)
  • Workflow management – This is a big one, but not something that I can do alone.
  • Look at integrating JHOVE into our workflow
  • Get a development server up and running (high priority, but heavily dependent on the next point)
  • Get a budget quote, and work on purchasing a server (for image storage) and a book scanner. This is a group project and may require some field trips. Fun!
  • Start working on partnerships with interested departments/faculty/organizations
  • Start working on migrating legacy projects into the CDI
  • Clean up the mess I made in developing the CDI so that it would be possible to pack up the whole system for other people to take a look at. CTL and Academic Computing here at UVM have expressed an interest in using the eXist XForms combo for some of their projects.
  • Continue working on information architecture for the library wide redesign
  • Eat chocolate, lots of chocolate

I was also strongly encouraged by my supervisor to take a day a week to work on “scholarship and creative activities” (trying to get published). I’m kind of ambivalent about publishing, but  there is no ambivalence about it at my library; if you want a promotion you will need to publish. Preferably you will publish (in peer reviewed journals), give talks, and be on several regional/national service committees. So in addition to the list above, I guess I’ll be trying to put together a paper or two.


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