Project management with Basecamp

We have started using Basecamp for project management. Currently there are only two of us using it and we are mostly using it for the to-do lists. So far I like it. It is a helpful way to keep an eye on the CDI as a whole project, sometimes I get caught up in the backend stuff and don’t give the metadata, or collection development the attention it needs. Basecamp also allows us to assign tasks to each other. If for example, Chris runs across a broken feature, or I find some bad metadata, we can just create a new task and assign it to the appropriate person, Basecamp will then send them an e-mail notification that the task has been added to their to-do list.

Project management has been a bit of an issue for us lately. There has been a lack of clarity in who is doing what and how it is being overseen.  I can see how Basecamp can help with some of these issues, particularly in the “who is doing what” arena.  It may also become very useful as we get more people working on the project. For example, it might be helpful in assigning metadata on a collection basis to our cataloger(s)  and also as a way of tracking collections as they move from collection development, though selection and scanning to the metadata entry phase. We could use it to keep track of what projects we have scheduled and who is working on each phase of the project.

If nothing else the to-do lists have been motivational. There is something about seeing all those items with little check boxes next to them that makes me want to get things done.


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  1. Justin Says:

    We’ve been using Basecamp extensively for some time now, and it surpasses by far any other system we’d tried before (and we’ve used a number of them) . One of the Basecamp tools I’ve come to find really useful is the versioned writeboards, especially for building technical briefs, and collaboratively editing workshop scripts.

    I am also really psyched about it’s new OpenID compatibility which let’s you have access to multiple accounts with one login.

    I think it could really use a issue/ticket tool, but perhaps I just need to re-adjust how I aproach todo lists.

    Happy camping!

  2. wsalesky Says:

    I do foresee the writeboards being useful to us as well. Especially for working on documents by committee, such as our collection development policies.

    I agree that a ticket/issue tool would be pretty helpful, but since we have such a small group, the to-do lists seem to be working out okay (why isn’t okay in the Firefox dictionary?). It would be a nice perk to be able to add levels to the to-do items, to be able to order them by urgency.

    The other system I have worked with is Trac, which I also liked but Kor and I have not had a chance to get it up and running. Also, it maybe overkill for the CDI.

  3. Henry Smith Says:

    Managing tasks that move from one phase to another is really good in Wrike. Did you try it? Our team is a bit more then yours, as I can see, and to-do lists are not often enough to make collaboration productive. If you face this issue later, take a look at Wrike, I highly recommend it.

  4. Henry Smith Says:

    I’m sorry, I forgot to give you the link:

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