An XForms evening

XML 2007 is in Boston this year, and part of the line up is an XForms evening event. The line up of speakers looks great and includes many of the people whose work I have relied heavily on in exploring XForms during the past year (in particular: John Boyer, Erik Bruchez, and Mark Birbeck).

I’m not sure I will be able to make it to the conference, registration costs are pretty high, and I have been saving my travel money for code4lib2008, hopefully there will be some good post conference blogging on the event.

*Updated- Looks like I will be able to go after all. The XForms evening is a free event.


5 Responses to “An XForms evening”

  1. Mark Birbeck Says:

    Then make sure to say hello!


    Mark Birbeck, formsPlayer | +44 (0) 20 7689 9232 |

    standards. innovation.

  2. wsalesky Says:

    I sure will.

  3. Jon Stroop Says:

    The XForms evening is free? That’s great news! How did you find out? Do you know if need to register or just show up? -Jon

  4. wsalesky Says:

    Hi Jon,
    I found out courtesy of Micheal Park (from Brown), who e-mailed the conference about the event. You still need to register, just be sure you select only the XForms evening when you register, there will be no charge for it.

  5. Jon Stroop Says:

    Thanks — maybe I’ll see you there!

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