Quick update

I have a steadily growing list of things I need to get finished, but I finally managed to get around to adding RSS (actually atom) feeds for tracking search results and also for tracking collections. This will be particularly handy for a collection like the McAllister Photographs which will be a work in progress for quite some time. (It is currently growing at a rate of about 50-100 photos a week, but I imagine this will slow down once the cataloging staff has caught up to our part time scanning tech.)

In the process of adding the feeds I also took a the opportunity to upgrade to Solr 1.2, which was a pretty painless upgrade, with some nice additional functionality. I hope to get a chance to install 1.3 on my development machine next week to explore the MoreLikeThis functionality. I’d like to use this feature on the item pages, allowing users to get some immediate related items, in addition to using the subject and geographic headings to get related items.


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