Struggling with sessions

Right before I left for Code4lib 2008 we had a serious db crash, this was an eXist issue, which I’m hoping was partially solved by upgrading to 1.2 as well as some re-writing of xqueries to eliminate most of our temporary fragments creation. We haven’t had any problems with crashing since the upgrade, but a by product of the crash was some odd behavior that was reported to me by one of the catalogers. She was getting logged out in the middle of editing a record. Because of the way my forms had been set up she wasn’t getting any reliable messages about the status of the record (if it had been successfully saved or not), so she assumed a record had been saved, but it wasn’t, several records were lost, and worse, cataloger good will is now a bit more shaky than it was.

I had been submitting the data from our XForms to an xquery via post, the xquery then did some post processing and submitted the data to eXist using xupdate. Thinking it would be more straight forward I switched to using the RESTservlet, which allowed me to do a simple PUT from my XForm.  However,  I can’t seem to persist my session through the PUT request. My metadata administrative interface is a series of xqueries, the user must log in on the fist page using the eXist xmldb:login function, they then can browse through records in process, pull up completed records to edit and create new collections. However now when the user presses the save button on a record they are asked to login again. Once they have logged in from an XForm, they can save as many records as they like, so essentially it creates another session.

After some back and forth on the eXist mailing list it appears that sessions persist across xqueries, but that the RESTserver does not reuse this session information. The suggested solution was to post from my XForm to an xquery… which is what I had been doing. The real problem I’m having is how to get reliable information back to the user on whether or not the save was successful, and if not (due to an expired session) allow them to log back in without navigating away from the form they are on.

I’m wondering if I can use an XForms alert that is tied to an xforms-submit-error response. I haven’t found any examples of this so far, but I’m still looking.  Also, I seem to be getting an error message back from my form even when the data has submitted successfully.

I’m racking my brains for a workaround solution, because I’d like to get metadata work back underway, so I have a few weeks to monitor it. Any suggestions, or examples you know of would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise I’ll just carry on testing various solutions until I run across one that works.


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