I pretty much dread every Firefox upgrade, because of the havoc it could wreck on my XForms. The past few upgrades have been problem free, but yesterday’s automatic update has put a halt to metadata production once again. I’m having trouble explaining myself to the disgruntled catalogers who had just gotten back to work.

I’ve e-mailed the list and an updated version of the extension should be out in a few days, in the meantime I’ve been poking about unsuccessfully looking for a nightly build that works with FF I’ve also finally installed Orbeon on my development server and ported over the MODS XForm. It was surprisingly painless to get it working. However the working form is just the first step, since I have a whole metadata management system that has to be integrated. Most of the system is built using xquery, but could possibly be done entierly in XForms, it will just require some thinking through.

Unfortunately I’m on a bit of a tight schedule, I need to have the forms working reliably as soon as possible because I’m going on maternity leave some time in the next 3 weeks. I’ve got a lot of wrapping up and documenting to do before that time, so I’m not sure how far I’ll get with Orbeon.

**This version (for Windows) of the XForms extension does work with FF, just be sure to uninstall your earlier version of the extension before you install the new one. I didn’t do an uninstall, and was having all sorts of problems with submitting data. Everything seems to work just fine now.


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  1. Jonathan Rochkind Says:

    Have you tried out the Firefox 3 betas yet? You might want to. Beware: they are looking for a finished FF3.0 sometime this summer. The betas now are getting pretty close to production quality.

  2. Erik Bruchez Says:

    Great to see that you had so far good luck with Orbeon! Note that we have a huge amount of improvements already in since 3.6 final in the nightly builds (


  3. wsalesky Says:

    I haven’t tried Firefox 3 beta yet, perhaps I should. There were rumors that the xforms extension would be bundled with that release but I don’t know if that is still the case.

  4. Theresa Dower Says:

    Thanks for posting the update; broke some xforms I’m currently developing and set me back a couple days on a project. The new extension worked, and this post made my day!

  5. wsalesky Says:

    Happy to have been able to help.

  6. Aaron Reed Says:

    I’m sorry that you had issues with the FF upgrade. It is tricky business. To upgrade XPath functionality we have to change the core in FF2. This will automatically break the xforms extension. When we put out the corresponding xforms extension that will work with the new core changes it has to go through an approval process at which can take up to 7-10 days (as you noticed this last time). If we submit the extension for approval it might get ok’d in 1 day, so if we do that before the new FF comes out then you’ll get automatically upgraded to an extension that won’t work until the new FF comes out.

    To be safe, I’d suggest disabling automatic upgrades and only upgrade after testing.

    As for Firefox 3, the xforms extension will not ship as part of Firefox. But it should not have the xpath issues that FF2 had. In Firefox3 we make use of an extensible xpath model that didn’t exist in FF2.


  7. wsalesky Says:

    Hi Aaron,
    Thanks for the suggestion and the update on the extension for FF3. For the most part I’ve had nothing but good experiences using the XForms extension. Keep up the great work.

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