About me

I’m the Digital Initiatives Librarian  at the University of Vermont (the librarian mania for acronyms has resulted in my position title being shortened to “the DIL,” hence the title of the blog). This blog chronicles the creation of the Center for Digital Initiatives from the ground up, and is meant to act as a resource on digital libraries for colleagues in libraries and elsewhere.

The site will focus on technology solutions I have evaluated, solutions I am implementing, interface design, and trends in digital libraries and digital library technologies.



4 Responses to “About me”

  1. Matt Burton Says:

    Hey I just found your blog and I am also just starting out with Exist and Xquery…. I too am an XSL guy who is migrating into Xquery and Xforms. This blog has been a great resource! Speaking of Xforms, are you just sending Xforms to the client or do you have something on the server side transforming them? I am curious to know more about your current setup (and any code examples…if you can post them). Good luck with the app! Where are you a Librarian?


  2. Gustavo Says:

    Hi there DIL?

    I am working towards my degree in Information Studies at UT Austin.
    Since you know more about Digital Libraries in the practices. I wanted to know if you have any information on: where I could start looking for a job
    as a Digital Librarian.

    Any information is good.

    Thank you

    Future information specialist/ digital librarian

  3. Bob M Says:

    I just got to XForms some days ago while I was testing eXist. Can you help me to understand how I can send the data from a xform to an exist database using a user authentification. I´d like to try your second solution but I still need to know some stuff…
    Is it possible to work as a”2 tier”..I mean, can I store the user data in an exist database and the form validates?
    Please, I really need some help.
    Ah, before I forget…
    How do I put my data into a collection? I tried the tutorials on the internet but no luck…with orbeonforms no problem…=(


    Bob from Germany

  4. wsalesky Says:

    Hi Bob,
    User data can be stored in eXist, Check out the documentation on xmldb functions http://demo.exist-db.org/xquery/functions.xq. Also check out the documentation on xmldb:store for getting your data into the database.

    Unfortunatly I do not have time in the next few weeks to give you any more specific help than this. Almost everything you need is documented on the eXist website.
    Good luck!

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