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Book Scanner

August 9, 2007

Our i2s CopiBook has arrived:




Pictures courtesy of Toni Fortini and her fancy new cell phone.

We are still experimenting with it, but so far my favorite feature is the semi automation: set a book on the scanner, position it, get all you settings ready, do your first scan, when the scan is done the glass pops open allowing you to turn the page, the next scan is taken as soon as the glass is pressed back into place. Set up and training took a full day, but most of that was spent on the lights, which necessitated a trip to Home Depot, a few hours of fiddling, and some tech support to get the lighting profile calibrated correctly. The scans look great though, and the scanner is generally very easy to use. Hopefully we will be getting the machine into production next week.


Center for Digital Initiatives: Virtual Tour

April 19, 2007

Check out our new office space (to see how far the space has come, here are some earlier pictures), visit our website [], and sign our virtual guest book.

The new home for the Center for Digital Initiatives at UVM. This is room 313 in the Bailey/Howe Library, three floors up and tucked away in the stacks, I believe we are in the horticulture section.  We are still waiting for a sign for the door, and hopefully a few signs elsewhere in the library to help people find us. But if you manage to make to the third floor, just go all the way to the corner farthest from the front door and you should find this:

The seating area includes a data port for visitors with laptops.

CDI seating area

Looking down the hallway you can see the doorway to the scanning room on the right, my office on the left and the new conference room all the way at the back. Right above the door to the conference room is a wireless router, which means I have a really great (strong, and consistent) signal in my office.

Looking into the scanning room, you can also see some of the photographs we are using. The one on the right is from the Tennie Toussaint collection, and is available on the website.

The scanning room is a light controlled environment designed to maximize color accuracy. Color neutral, daylight balanced, lights are provided on dimmer switches allowing the technicians the low level light environment need for evaluating color accuracy.

The conference room:

Some collection highlights:

We have six collections, most of them are related to congressional papers and with items ranging in date from 18182004 and on topics as such as milk, slavery, and the maple sugar industry. In addition to the congressional papers we have a collection of Vermont historical photographs that has some real gems.

Also of interest are some of the new features such as the browse within a collection and the ability to do faceted searching (using the “Narrow your search” options).

Don’t forget to sign our virtual guest book.