CDI: Virtual Guest Book

Welcome to the University of Vermont’s Center for Digital Initiatives.

Take a virtual tour of our new office space, check out the website [], and let us know what you think in the comments section below.


21 Responses to “CDI: Virtual Guest Book”

  1. Daisy Says:

    Wow, Y’all are doing amazing things and this new space is wonderful. I promise to come visit all the time.

  2. Kathryn Yager Says:

    coming by to see what the center is all about

  3. Suzanne Snyder Says:

    Looks great!

  4. Suzanne Snyder Says:


  5. albert joy Says:


  6. Catherine Tran Says:

    Great place! I love it!!

  7. Catherine Tran Says:

    This space is so impressive! I’m looking forward to using your website and resources online. Thanks!!

  8. Toni Says:

    Thanks for the tour! The website is fantastic. Great job!

  9. rich Says:

    love the idea

    good luck

  10. Patricia Mardeusz Says:

    Great job. Looking forward to seeing more collections.

  11. Patricia Mardeusz Says:


  12. LeeLee Goodson Says:

    I’m also looking forward to using the website. Thanks.

  13. Hope Greenberg Says:

    Lovely! You know I’ll be haunting you!

  14. Justin Henry Says:

    Love the color choices!

  15. Selene Colburn Says:


  16. green galoshes » CDI opens it’s doors with a virtual tour Says:

    […] a virtual guest book. If you can’t make it over there for the open house, Winona has posted a “virtual […]

  17. lonabqc Says:

    Hi. I found your site very nice. thanks for it! good luck

  18. Nancy Sullivan Says:

    Hi Winona! Your website is really nice. I was bored at work and googled you! How’s it going?

  19. Stasigr Says:

    Hello, very nice site, keep up good job!
    Admin good, very good.

  20. naisioxerloro Says:

    Good design, who make it?

  21. elphaba Says:

    Anything new coming in the future?

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